Route 1 in Maine – Lubec

It was late afternoon on the day we had made it to the Maine coast.  The trip continued on past Calais (See the Calais post).  We were starting to get tired and decided that Lubec would be our final destination for today.  It was definitely different then what we have gotten used to on this trip.  Now we feel the ocean breeze and smell the fragrance of the sea.  Every once and a while the scene opens up to the rocky coastline for which Maine is well known.

We began by heading into the center of Lubec.  We had seen some signs for a chocolate shop in town.  It was a very pretty place.  The houses and shops along the tiny main street were all of bright colors.  However, it is obvious that Lubec was an expensive place.  The street was a row of “boutiques”.  That’s fine if you go for that sort of thing, but it’s not us.

As for the chocolate shop, we found it and walked in.  We were immediately surprised by how barren it looked.  It had a fairly large interior, but there was not much chocolate to look at.  Usually I have trouble making up my mind as to what I want to purchase.  Here there were a few chocolates in shapes, some chocolate lollipops, and a case of truffles, but not much else.  The most novel thing I saw was chocolate in the shape of a sea-cucumber.  To be fair there were a few tables and chairs in the center.  Maybe they do more of a café type business.

From there we went onward to find a place to stay for the night.  We had seen a little motel on our way into town, so we decided to check them out.  It was called the Eastland Motel.  They had rooms available (and cars in the parking lot), so we checked in for the night.  Boy were we glad that we did.  We were informed by the owners, who we found out had only recently purchased the motel, that for breakfast they made homemade muffins.  For our breakfast it was going to be blueberry muffins, and apple cinnamon muffins.  I can describe them in one word – YUM!!!  It made our stop there extra special.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  After checking in, we went out for supper.  Now that we were on the coast, it had to be seafood.  We found a little place called Uncle Kippy’s Seafood – what a great find!  The food was exceptional, but what we remember the most was their haddock chowder that Cheryl ordered.  Usually in a fish chowder, you have to search for the few tiny grains of fish in the soup.  That wasn’t the case here.  On the contrary, it looked like there was an entire dinner portion of haddock chunks in the chowder.  It was a good thing I didn’t order soup, because I had to help her finish it.  Yes, it was a sacrifice, but I’m very good to my wife like that!

Feeling very full and satisfied after dinner, we wanted to do a little activity to help work off the meal.  We decided to go and see the nearby lighthouse.  The sun was just above the horizon as we came to the West Quoddy Head Light Station.  It was picture perfect.  But you have to realize that the beautiful views are not the only claim to fame for this lighthouse.  West Quoddy Head is the most Eastern point in the continental United States.  That means that in the entire USA, this is the place that you see the sunrise first.

We spent quite a bit of time there just watching the ocean.  We definitely knew that the climate was different here.  The wind from off the water was cold enough to require jackets.  It was the first time we put them on during this trip.  As the sun was setting, we left the lighthouse and returned to our motel unit.  It was a joy knowing that with the sunrise would come blueberry muffins…

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